Do you feel confident when performing by memory?

Grand piano on stage

Use mental practice to memorize piano music...

and create your own interpretation. Because every artistic creation starts first in the imaginary. You will have the tremendous advantage, like the famous virtuosos to be able to rehearse your music everywhere, with no need for a piano. You will perform by memory with the greatest confidence; and really have the music in your head! Get relative pitch in the fastest and fun way. The analytical part shows how to build any chord from any key on the keyboard, how they sound and see how they progress in music. This book also unveils many little secrets of the trade which will help the reader in becoming a real artist. The book, user friendly with numerous fun drawings and musical illustrations will methodically walk you through all the steps. It is in a lesson format. Just place it on your piano rack and have fun!

“One does not play the piano with one’s fingers; one plays the piano with one’s mind”.
Glenn Gould

.....From Mozart to Helene Grimaud, Beethoven to Glenn Gould and every famous musician; music creation and interpretation is first and foremost a mind process. Not knowing the method, mental practice is viewed by many as something very difficult to perform. Many famous musicians like Glenn Gould, would not have used it as a primary practice method if it was such the case. Music in Your Head teaches you; how to practice it. It is in reality very easy. It is, in order to be efficient; a procedure not a feat of genius! Even beginners who read the book are stunned by its powers and find it “magical”. It is so powerful because it utilizes the musician primary media; like sound and your inner ear and the strongest memories like; visual, analytical, tactile and aural memories.

.....Mental practice is not only a “bullet proof” way of memorizing piano music and interpretation. It also, reduces tremendously when you have a clear image of what you want to do, what Helene Grimaud describes as “instrumental slavery” or Glenn Gould who claimed only working at the piano one hour a day, even in preparation for a recording; “reinforcement”.

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