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In the piano profession, starting with student recitals, entrance to college, semester exams, degree recitals, master classes, competitions, and ending with professional pianists you are expected to perform by memory. Yet, formal training on this major skill is rarely given.
Let’s face it; if you want to do anything in the piano world you have to memorize and you better be good at it!

Stage fright

So why not, in one simple book learn the memorization methods used by the most famous virtuosos and pedagogues?


For the price of a lesson;

  • You will be able to perform by memory with great pleasure and confidence.
  • Have the great pleasure to rehearse your music in your head everywhere, therefore saving time; you don’t need to be sitting in front of a piano. You will have a tremendous advantage over the other pianists, being able to rehearse in any dead moments during the day. The more you do smart, conscious repetitions, the better!
  • Reduce the time spent in front of the piano trying to learn, in an unsecure way, the pieces using your finger memory. With the mental practice approach, two or three hours a day maximum, are enough for a professional virtuoso. This method gives you the time to increase your musical and cultural knowledge, indispensable to who wants to be a real artist.
  • Conceptualize and hear your ideal interpretation in your mind. You will with your inner ear, hear the most glamorous sounds, the most exciting version and then reproduce it with your fingers, because every artistic creation starts first in the imaginary.
  • Get relative pitch by using the fastest, fun and traditional way, enabling you to play on the piano every piece of music you hear in your head. Knowing what each interval sounds like, brings you, when you play the piano by memory, in a “familiar territory”.
  • pianistTake great advantage of your piano lessons. Make each of them a very pleasurable and artistic experience. You will take them well-prepared, knowing your music in your head, enabling you to consecrate your lesson, like a master class, at your expression and interpretation. You will discover how, by simple nuances you can turn your music into something magical.
  • Understand music by discovering its structure. And how, it is built by understanding chords, how to built any of them instantly, on any note of the keyboard, their sounds and their progressions!
  • Play better; not having the need to read the score, you will concentrate your attention at listening to yourself. Even, being able for a better audition to play like some famous masters, eyes closed. Enabling you to, “lose yourself” totally in your music.
  • Play the piano everywhere without needing the score. You can play at some friend’s house or everywhere you find a nice piano. Being able to create a “special moment”, sharing your music you have in your head.
  • Travel or go on vacation while still being able to rehearse your music: no need for a piano!
  • Really “own” masterpieces. You will really possess them and have the music in you, not only in your fingers. You will be able to interpret them in your mind everywhere!
  • Be a real musician.

Isn’t it worth the price of one lesson?

Some methods are very long, tedious and take forever to complete or even give any rewarding results. The student will give up, most of the time. “Music in your head” is purposely in a short and concise format. The results though are immediate. You will right at the beginning start to memorize piano music in the most secure way and be able to rehearse it everywhere. You will have the music in your head. That is guaranteed!

This “lesson” is in a music score format. Just place it on your piano rack and have fun! It is going to walk you through all the steps.

This is a WONDERFUL learning tool and a great resource. This book delivers all it says it will do and even more! This mental practice is really magical. A great book worth every cent! read more
– Richard Cottrell from Bay Head NJ
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